Saturday, June 13, 2009

so proud

I want to take a minute to talk about Jack a bit. I know alot of times I leave messages for him in here and talk about him, but today I wanted to talk a little bit about how well he is doing.

Jack has a job over in the sandbox that is usually given to higher ranking Marines. And Jack is doing an amazing job. His higher ups have told him how pleased they are with him and his work. It makes me so proud.
They put him up for a few awards... 2 of which I know about, the 3rd I have no idea what it is (he won't tell me). So if you guys have a few extra minutes, could you say a prayer that Jack's board goes well and he gets to be NCO of the quarter, and meritorious Sgt. That would be great!

I am so so proud of him to even be considered for all of this. I mean he is doing so well.

We are 63% done with this deployment. Woo hoo!!! On the downward slope! So happy about that! Only 37% left to go!!!

So Jack... I am so super proud of you!! I miss you and I love you!!

Everyone... I will keep you updated with how things go, but if y'all could say a little prayer I would appreciate it!!



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Amy said...

I wondered what your status on facebook was about the other day. That's so awesome! I hope he gets it!!

I can't believe you're already 63% done. It's sad to say (for me!) that you're catching up to us and FAST. We're at 73% done.