Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a few updates

So I have lots of news.

First unfortunately Jack will not be getting meritorious Sgt this month, which stinks. And I think he completely deserves it. But because someone didn't know how to run scores accurately, well long story short, we have to wait till October. The good thing is I will get to pin Jack in October, so well I guess that is good.

The other news going on is that we found and put a deposit down on an apartment that we like. It is a one bedroom in a beautiful complex. In a corner building and the 3rd floor corner apartment. Lots of privacy which is nice. It is also right on the running trail which is a definite plus. We should know tomorrow if our application was accepted. I can't see why it wouldn't be. I will post pictures of the model apartment which I toured once everything is all set.

Also I will updated the pictures of the day soon. I just have to finish uploading a few other things.

So I hope that all is well with everyone.
JMS- I miss you so so much and we are counting down. I love you!



Young Love said...

I'm glad to hear about the apartment. Good luck with the third floor. It'll be a pain to load all your stuff in and out, but the privacy more than makes up for that!

Amy said...

I thought he was going active and you guys were moving? Is that not happening anymore? Either way, yay for new apartments!

I'm sorry to hear about the promotion garbage but October is just a few months away AND you'll get to pin him which is exciting!