Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching promised

So it has been way to long since I updated the pictures... so here goes. Not to many interesting things... but definitely pictures from each day.

The whole picture of the day thing is to document what I do while he is deployed. Honestly I don't do too much, but I do enjoy the pictures. haha. So here they are....

Day 142 - May 28th
Ms Reeses...

Day 143 - May 29th
Jonathan stuff for drill...sea of camoflauge

Day 144- May 30th
got my shirt! yeah I love it!

Day 145 - May 31st
Happy Birthday to my Mommy!!

Day 146- June 1st
me modeling my shrit

Day 147- June 2nd
Kobe snuggled up... so cute

Day 148 - June 3rd
the flag in the wind... I liked it

Day 149 - June 4th
Me and Miss Bubblegum

Day 150 - June 5th
Mr Henry... mad I disturbed him

Day 151 - June 6th

Just me.. being silly...

Day 152 - June 7th
the tiki torches... getting ready for the new pool

Day 153 - June 8th
Miss Furry.. so sweet

Day 154 - June 9th
who knows what Peanut was hunting... silly dog

Day 155 - June 10th
Happy Birthday Dawn!!

Day 156- June 11th
Me again.. taking pictures for JMS

Day 157 - June 12th
the pool getting installed... a few pictures... casuse the whole process intrigued me.

Hope everyone had a great week!!!!
JMS - I miss you and I love you! I am so so so proud of you!!! Stay Safe my heart!

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