Sunday, June 28, 2009

Almost July...woo hoo

So it is almost July!!! Yeah for that!! So excited. I needed to update the pictures of the day. so here they are!

June 13th - Day 158
snuggly babies

June 14th - Day 159
pool is all done!

June 15th - Day 160
Kobe my love

June 16th - Day 161
Jonathan looks good in pink...haha

June 17th - Day 162
all curled up... sleepy Nuttie

June 18th - Day 163
Licking up kisses!

June 19th - Day 164
Furry finds odd places to sleep

June 20th - Day 165
Me and my Wallace

June 21st - Day 166
Taking pictures for my monkey

June 22nd - Day 167
Kobe hiding

June 23rd - Day 168
the girls snuggling, Peanut and Scrappy

June 24th - Day 169
Touring the new apt! The pictures are of the model.
Just a few highlights
our apt....3rd floor corner


living room


June 25th - Day 170
Vietnam Wall Memorial

June 26th - Day 171
sound asleep

June 27th - Day 172
"You got a friend in me......"
Peanut and Kobe

June 28th - Day 173
computer... my connection to my love

So I hope that everyone had a great week!!!
JMS - I love you and miss you! Stay safe my heart!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I can't believe it's almost July!!! YAY!

I love the pictures of all of the animals. It's like your own little zoo! haha