Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Open Letters....

okay so I work in retail as well as my full time job. I need to vent about some of the craziness. So here are some open letters to some people in light of the craziness that has occured over the past few days.

Dear Shopper:
I understand that you waited until the last minute and are upset that we do not have exactly what you are looking for, but please understand that we close at 10pm, not 10:45 and certainly not 11pm when you choose to leave the store. Also I do not make the clothing, nor can I magically produce what it is you are looking for in an instant. If I could I would, because then you would have left at a reasonable hour.
Please also know that it is not necessary to unfold every sweater on the table. I promise that they are the same sweater. There is no need to unfold the whole table.
Using the fitting room as a restroom, also a no go. Please understand that someone has to clean that up, and that someone is me. Using 4 pairs of $70 jeans to cover the mess definitely is not good.
Basically, if you want something specific, start shopping earlier in the month. Shopping two days before Christmas does not warrant you to torment the mall workers.
Happy Holidays,
Thank you,
Retail Employee

Dear Driver in the Publix parking lot,
I understand that walking from the back of the parking lot is hard for you and your fancy car should obviously be front and center everywhere, but holding up an entire lane of traffic and not moving until a car in the front spots pulled out, is not necessary. I wonder if your feet are broken, because certainly your finger was not when you flipped me off for trying to move my car out of the lane of traffic. There were many spots in the back of the lot, but yet you are obviously special and need a front spot.
Once getting ino the store it is not necessary to flip me off again, or make comments about what is in my cart. I parked at the back of the lot, so I will burn the calories I consume when I eat the sour cream.
You seem to be about 45 years please grow up.
Thank you
Fellow Publix shopper

Dear Neighbors,
We pay for our parking spots. Just because you feel you are special does not mean that your guests can park in the spots that we pay for. I will block your guest's car in. You may think that the whole lot is yours, but I assure you that I do not pay 1400 a year for you to park your and your guest's cars in my parking spot. When you called the police a few days ago to complain about someone else parking in your spot, I hope you understood how it felt. Fair warning, I will call the tow truck for any cars parked in my spot.
Have a great holiday,
Your neighbor.

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