Saturday, December 20, 2008

oh dear

So yesterday I apparently felt the need to blog alot. I apparently felt the need to share everything I ever read. It was crazy.

Anyway yesterday was Jack's birthday. We had lots of fun celebrating. Josh came to help us celebrate, which was great. They had not seen each other for almost a year because when Josh came home from Iraq Jack was in Mohave Viper. It was great for them to catch up again. Then Mike and Adam and Hamza came to help us celebrate too. It was lots of fun.

We started off the night with dinner at Macaroni Grill, which was yummy. They sang Happy Birthday to Jack in Italian. It was hilarious.

Then we headed to Frikin and Keglers for some bowling and arcade fun. It was hysterical. Now Jack does not really drink, and last night he drank a little bit. He had probably 2 beers and a shot, thanks to Josh..haha.

So we started off in the arcade, where Jack and I were excited about the deal or no deal game...We won some tickets....which I was completely confused as to how you got the tickets. I was looking all over the machine for them, but apparently they are loaded directly onto the card... who knew.

So then we start bowling and Jack starts drinking. I actually did pretty good. I got a few strikes and even won the first game...go me. Jack on the other hand...didn't do quite so good. He started drinking and decided that I needed a lap dance....a few I got a few lap dances from my drunk husband.....

When we finished he wanted to cash in his tickets. He started looking at all the stuff and decided that he wanted as many airplanes as he could get. This was after loudly vetoing all the other things including the pocket comb that might have possibility according to him. So the girl gives him 10 airplanes. He gives one to each of the guys...telling me that they are only for boys and I can't have one...but I can hold his extra nice huh.
He did have tickets left so he decided to get the "army man". This conversation was to funny not to here goes...
Worker: "You want the army man"
Jack: " I don't want an Army Man....I am not a hooah....I want a Marine.....where are the Marines!!"
Amanda: "Can you just tell him it is a Marine?"
Worker: "Uh here you go is your Marine."
Jack: "That's right...that's the way it should be... OOORAH!!!"

At this point Jack is incredibly loud and decides that he wants to go outside and fly his airplanes. So he starts to put one together, at the same time trying to encourage his friends to put their planes together. He gets it all together and head outside to start "flying" his plane.
Apparently there had been some type of accident out front, so there was 3 police cars and a few cops out front. My lovely husband decides to throw his plane at the police officers...nice huh.... He told me that "They like planes too". Oh dear. Thankfully the police officers didn't notice him and we were able to convince him that wasn't the best idea.
After convincing him not to pee outside and to get in the car, I got my drunk now 24 year old husband home.

What a great birthday for him.. haha.

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