Friday, December 19, 2008

Life List

okay so in the last post I said I would post my personal life list..... so here it is...

Get Married - 5/2/07
Have a family
Own my own home - 4/9/07
pay off all my debt
see all 50 states...working on that one...
Travel to Germany
get a tattoo - 8/29/07
go skydiving
go on a safari in Africa
learn to knit
learn to cook a qourmet meal
learn Spanish
finish a marathon
volunteer at a shelter on a holiday
plant my own garden
coach a children's team
help with habitat for humanity
go a week without arthritis medicine
help my children and grandchildren learn to ride a bike
do something with all those pictures
visit austraila
go to the white house
spend a day in NYC
see as many zoos as possible
see a Red Sox \ Yankees game at Fenway
ride in a hot air balloon
build a sand castle on the West Coast

So yeah that is my personal life list. You may notice that some things are similar with Jack and I's list. I think it is absolutely amazing that we share goals in life. I look forward to each day we are able to achieve those goals.

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