Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tick tock

So I have been thinking lately....about time...and what we do with our time. 

This all started because I decided to figure out how many hours until Jack is back with me. Once I figured out the hours, I started to realize how little free time I actually have....and I like it that way.

Think about it. Just an example (although week is not the norm...since I don't work as much at my 2nd job.)

In any given week there are 168 hours.

Of those 168 hours, I work anywhere from 50 -60 of those hours.... leaving me with (we will estimate 50 hours of work for the example) 118 hours.

Of those 118 hours, I should be sleeping (if I can) for 56 of those hours (8 hours a night) 
Which now leaves me with 62 hours.

at least 6 hours are spent commuting to and from work...which now knocks us down to 56 hours.

And for me 7 of those hours are spent either running or preparing for running.... now we are down to 49 hours....

Factor in the chores that need to be done and eating in there.... about 14 hours... (figure 2 a day for chores and eating) and now we are at 35 hours.

Assuming that I can get all these hours in a row...which never happens...that leaves me with about a day and a half of "free time" a week. 

It is my belief that your free time should be used productively. Whether that be to reenergize yourself, educate yourself (and yes I believe educating yourself on reality tv is perfectly acceptable) or to relax your mind and body. Those are all perfectly productive things to do with your free time.

A lot of time my free time consists of watching tv...thinking about Jack... playing around on the internet (such a mindless thing)...thinking about Jack...... and thinking about Jack.

So yeah I like to think I led a pretty productive life, or I would hope so.

But all this being said...I do want to share....it is only 10 days (i refuse to count today...it is almost over) until Mohave Viper is done and he is on his way back.... but not that I am counting or that time means anything.

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