Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Congrats Are in Order I didn't forget to write this mind was just on a different track....that has to be it....

Anyway I need to say CONGRATS to Adam and Morgan, as they welcome baby Jaden into the world yesterday!!! So excited for all of them. I just saw pictures...and let me tell you...that baby is absolutely beautiful (and I am not in any way shape or form biased...haha) No seriously I am so excited and I can not wait until I shake this sickness so I can go and see the newest devil pup!

I went online to look for a Christmas gift for the baby and I found the most adorable little onsies and it got me to thinking about when Jack and I have a baby. We want children....and I know with all my heart that my husband will be an amazing father and I know that our child will be blessed to have him in his life. The only thing that scares me slightly are all the labor stories....stories of stitches and rips and tailbones being broken...basically the pain...ouch! haha
But seriously Jack and I are not actively trying (how can we with him away at training) but we aren't actively preventing. So basically if God decides to bless us now...we will welcome that blessing with open arms. We have even picked names...although I am not to certain I would post them...cause then someone could take whatever I'll put them down....
okay for boys we like
Caleb Miles 
Nathan Prefontaine and
Aaron Matthew
and girls we like
Aubrey May   and
Leah Clare.

Maybe with our friends just welcoming their gorgeous son into the world...that is what has me thinking about it. Which probably is the case. Whatever the case may be I have babies on the brain. And I tell you, babies can get some cute clothes. I am so ordering some stuff when we have kids... including the onsie that says " My Daddy My Marine My Hero" and then on the back you can personalize it to say whatever... ours would say " Cpl S......'s Devil Pup"
Tell me how cute is that... stinkin adorable right... yep I thought so to.
Haha... So yeah I have spend my night entertaining myself looking at baby clothes...I am weird...
And I did get to talk to the sexiest man alive....yep that would be Jack... He is feeling better from yesterday's extravaganza. He even ran a bit... you know my husband....has to be running... haha

Tomorrow is a busy day filled with work. And hopefully Sunday includes meeting Baby Jaden in person... we shall see. 
Until later everyone! 

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