Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I fully get that I stink at updating. I know this. But in my defense we have been pretty busy. But still I should have taken some time to update. I know this.

Anyway we have big news. That seems to be the trend with me. I don't blog for a bit and then come back with big news. Apparently that works for me.

Anyway I have been super busy because of this big news. See planning a move that is a 16 hour drive away takes time. Thats right, we are moving. To Delaware! Delawhat you may ask. Delaware. Crazy I know. What may you ask is in Delaware. The answer to that is that I am not yet sure. I know that Jack got orders to the air force base there. I know that my job is super amazing and doesn't care where I live so that works. But other than that we have no clue.

We are busy preparing for our move. I have an amazing husband that has handled most of it. I am working on preparing to move my office to another state. My counterpart at my job has decided to leave the company. This has increased my workload but thats okay. I have a super amazing boss who is supportive and helpful. She is doing a lot of my traveling for me. I am blessed to have this job and such a great boss.

So we still have a ton to do. But we have got some things handled. Just a small sampling of our list is:
Find a house - Done! Thankfully
Contact Moving companies - Done - Thank you military
Get a hitch for our truck - done
Rent a trailer - done
Decide what we are taking with us
Pack said stuff in the trailer
Buy warmer clothes for all of us
Try Bentley's coat on - if it doesn't fit we are going to need to work on that
Drive 16 hours with a 4 month old and a crazy Chihuahua. Should be fun.

So yeah that just a small sampling of the things we have to do. I did find a church and working on getting A's baptism arranged. She has a beautiful dress thanks to my sister.

Other than that we are working on getting stuff done and saying good bye for now to our friends.

Any moving advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hope all is well with everyone!

JMS- ilu!!


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