Monday, January 9, 2012

Ten on....

So I need to update more. That is obvious. I knew I wouldn't be able to on Tuesday so you are getting a 10 on Monday post. haha.

1. Work is crazy busy. It keeps me distracted.

2. I learned that advertising on a Spanish radio station brings great success where I am. Pretty excited about that.

3. Jack is amazing. He does whatever I put on our to-do list so that by the time the weekend comes I have hardly anything to do. I love it.

4. I feel like Baby A grows while I am at work during the day. No bueno.

5. Bentley is insane. He teases the dogs across the hall. I feel bad for them.

6. Jack and I are going to Universal with some friends in 2 weeks. Super excited. Thank you to our awesome neighbor who is giving us tickets. Hopefully Bentley stops annoying her dogs.

7. I met an older gentleman at church that went to the same college I did. It made me smile.

8. I really need to get on planning A's baptism. Next post I need to have something done for that. If I don't please feel free to call me out on it.

9. My office is next to the shadiest gas station ever. No lie. The place sells male enhancement pills which it advertises on the door and places next to the Dr. Pepper. Its weird. They also have a whole case of supposed tobacco pipes. Pretty sure that they aren't "for tobaco only" as the sign says.

10. I am done getting tickets of any kind. Apparently running a toll in FL will cost a whole lot more than the toll. I bought a second e-pass. Not paying an additional $205 because I was dumb and forgot to look what car the e-pass is in ever again.

Hope everyone has a great week.

JMS- super proud of you. ilu!!


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