Monday, May 30, 2011


Today is Memorial Day. It is a day that many will have the day off of work and will spend time with family and friends. It is a day that few will remember what it is really for but most inside the military community know far to well what this day is for and will spend some time in silence reflecting on that.

I appreciate that the nation has days set out to remember those who fought and died for us. I believe that people should remember everyday. I think that each day we should be grateful for those that have given their lives so that we might be free. I also believe we need to remember those that although may not have given their lives have given so much of themselves. We know far to many men and women who will not be the same after fighting for our freedom. We know far to many men and women who still deal with the nightmares, the social discomfort and the images that they can not forget. Those men and women should be remembered and honored to.

And while we are on the topic of remembering and honoring we should be remembering and honoring those that are left behind. We need to remember the widows, the mothers, the children. We need to be thankful for our lives we are able to live while others are dealing with love storys cut short.

I for one am thankful for all that others have done. I am thankful that my husband is brave enough to fight for what he believes in. He fights for those he doesn't know, imagine what he would do for me. I am thankful that my husband and I have had 4 amazingly happy years together and have survived deployment. Deployment #2 starts for us very very soon. I am ready for it and am glad that my husband is brave enough to do what needs to be done. Am I sad that my husband will miss the birth of our first child? Yes. But I know that the reason he will miss it is far better than what he or I could imagine. He is doing what needs to be done so that our little girl can live a life of freedom. For that I am okay with him missing a few things. To us a calendar is a suggestion. We will celebrate holidays and birthdays on our own time. We will be like many other military families and will wait for the time we are together again. We will dream of one another and plan for the day we will see each other again.

So today as you are celebrating with family and friends take some time to remember the men and women who have made that possible. Take some time to remember the families who are missing their loved ones because of their bravery.

Remember we live in the Land of the Free... Because of the Brave.

JMS- I am proud to be married to a hero. Aubrey is proud to have a father that will do what needs to be done. We love you more than anything. Stay Safe my heart. We will be here waiting for you.


Amanda and Baby A

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