Sunday, May 1, 2011

10 on Sunday

I know it doesn't rhyme. I am okay with that. haha.
I am going to do an update list style. So there.

1. The perinatalogist went great. Baby S is measuring about a week ahead. But everything looks wonderful. We will have to have a few special looks at his or her heart, but we are okay with that.

2. Jack and I finalized names. Which we are excited about. We are keeping the final names secret for a little longer though. Close family knows for now.

3. We found a new apartment. Its beautiful. And super close to my work and only 10 minutes for Jack. Its perfect.

4. The people at Publix are awesome. Apparently Baby S is stealing all my energy because I almost passed out there yesterday. I am talking dizzy and black out. Thankfully the guy at Publix got a chair and Jack was able to get me to drink some Mt Dew to get my sugar levels up. Scary but all is good.

5.I fly out to start my new job tomorrow!!! So excited.

6. Speaking of flying, my amazing husband bought me an awesome luggage set. He rocks.

7. We figured out Bentley's travel plans for Buffalo. whew! What a relief. Bentley is going on vacation with my mom and dad for a bit. And I must say they sound a bit excited about it. haha Oh and thank you to my mom's friend Mary and her family for taking Bentley as one of their carry ons. We definitely appreciate it.

8. Bentley needs a muzzle to get his nails clipped, or as some call it a party hat. Its slightly embarassing but funny none the less.

9. Deployment #2 will be starting for us sooner than we think. Yuck but we got this.

10. We have awesome friends. Thats all I can say about that.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

JMS -ilu Happy 4 year Anniversary!!!!

Amanda and little Baby S

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