Monday, May 30, 2011

I wonder...

There are a lot of things I wonder about.. A lot that I always think why would someone say or do that. So because I don't have answers I write them down.

I wonder...

I wonder why when people find out I am pregnant they question it. Do you really think I would tell you I was pregnant and lie about that? We have tried for 4 years and would certainly not lie about that. I know I am not showing really but I promise 3 ultrasounds and numerous doctors appointment have confirmed the presence of our child. Not that it is anyone else's business.

I wonder why people at the airport try to bring their whole wardrobe in their carry on bag. The bag clearly does not fit in the overhead compartment. I know it costs to check a bag now but honestly either pay the cost or don't bring as much stuff.

I wonder why my dog feels the need to act like a perfect angel for anyone other than Jack or I. Apparently we are the only ones that he feels the need to act up for. Thanks Bentley. Hopefully he is enjoying his summer vacation in Buffalo.

I wonder why baby stuff is so addictting. Jack and I can't stop buying stuff for our little dancer. We have a lot more to get for her but we are having a ton of fun buying the things we need.

I wonder why some people try to live outside of their means. Its not my place to judge what people spend their money. But please dont complain that you have no money to pay bills and in the next breath tell me about the places you go out to eat and the expensive things you buy. If you can't afford bills its time to cut spending. The first thing that can be cut is internet and cable. You don't need those things.

I guess I just wonder why some things happen the way that they do. I am sure I will never know the answer but it won't stop me from wondering.

JMS - stay safe my love. We will be here waiting for you.


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