Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots to Say today

So today I have lots to say. Weird I know since usually I post the pictures and than I am done.
I do have the pictures to post today, lots of them. But I have stuff to say to.

Okay so I haven't really talked to my siblings in a bit. We had some drama, for whatever reason, and I just stepped away and stopped talking to them. It made things a lot easier on me and my life. Anyway each day on certain social networking sites I make sure to include in my status a small message to Jack, usually something to the extent that I am loving and missing him. Jack enjoys seeing them and I enjoy writing them. It is strictly for our purposes and I honestly couldn't care what others think. Well come to find out my sister has found it necessary to not only make comments regarding something that has nothing to do with her, but she is mocking it. Well I found this out about a month after she started this. The girl is almost 33 years old, but yet, she feels the need to mock others. Whatever that may be about. I went ahead and deleted her off of everything and walked away from the whole situation, yet again.

I am writing this here only because I feel the need to get the annoyance out somewhere. I am not going to change my life for someone. My number one priority is my husband and if a small message on myspace or facebook, makes him smile, while he is far away and in a stressful place, you better believe that I will continue doing so.

I guess it just makes me sad that my own sister would not understand that. Someday she will grow up and understand it, but until then, I have decided that my life is better off with out her. I don't need the drama that she creates.

On to another topic. I have been feeling pretty crappy lately and scheduled an appointment with my doctor. He referred me back to my rheumatologist. He thinks the back spasms and what not are from my RA, which could be the case. So I call and get an appointment, granted it is for a month later. Hopefully they won't want to put me on strong meds again. That would not be cool. I am just hoping for good things. We shall see. Maybe if you could say a prayer or two... that would help.

Now for some fun pictures...hehe

Day 105 - April 21
Clarissa's recital

Day 106- April 22
Snoopy watching her kids

Day 107 - April 23
Birthday Peanut

Day 108 - April24
Miss Seneca

Day 109 - April 25
The Bylers

Day 110 - April 26
Kobe being always

Day 111 - April 27
Peanut in her cool sunglasses...haha

Day 112 - April 28
Kobe playing in the cat toy

Day 113 - April 29
Seneca's bald spot...can't really see it..but its there

Day 114 - April 30
Me and my little man

All right... well I hope that everyone has a great week and weekend.
JMS- Ilu and I miss you

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Amy said...

I'm sorry your sister is being like that. I have a brother that I haven't talked to in over 2 years now because he just doesn't get me and acts like I'm still his bratty little sister. I hope your sister comes around soon because you don't need that crap in your life.