Monday, April 20, 2009

Days 97 - 104

Yes we have passed the 100 day mark!! Yeah for that! I am super excited about that one. I mean when this whole thing started passing the 1 week mark was a milestone and now here we are passed the 100 day mark. That makes me beyond excited.

Day 97 - April 13
My Father in law...being silly...
Seneca brought in a lizard... he decided to take a goofy picture

Day 98 - April 14
Going for a Walk
Snoopy, Scooby, Scrappy and Peanut

Day 99 - April 15
My Sweet Babies...
So cute

Day 100 - April 16
My Anniversary Gift
My husband is amazing
He told me to snuggle with the pillow until he is back....I love him.

Day 101 - April 17
Me and my little man

Day 102 - April 18
Kitten in a box... haha
She did this all on her own... I just found her like that

Day 103 - April 19
Seneca hunting
She brought a lizard inside... it escaped... she tired to follow it

Day 104 - April 20
Miss Peanut and Me

Hope everyone has a great week!!
JMS - I love you and I miss you more than you could ever know. 40% of this thing is done!! Yeah!!

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