Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I decided to take a break from the picture challenge and do a year in review post... complete with pictures. 2010 had its ups and downs for us and we are ready for a new year and new possibilities. Hope everyone else is as well!

So Here goes... The S family... in 2010.... picutre style.

January 2010

Bentley joins our family!!

And we bought an SUV

February 2010

Our beautiful godbaby MaKaylah came to visit!

March 2010

Family pictures!!!

We said good bye to good friends! Be safe Adam!

April 2010

More family pictures - and I have no idea how to rotate.. haha.

May 2010

Again not knowing how to rotate - haha! Amanda went to San Diego

Seeing the Kissing Statue! So pretty!
June 2010

We got to meet baby Michael! So cute!!

July 2010

Dressing up to celebrate the Munoz's wedding

August 2010

Bentley and his silly cone

We bought another new car. A prius this time.

September 2010

Amanda went home... not for good reasons.. but home none the less

Jack won a race!!

October 2010

Our baby turned 1!!

Jack is a Sgt now!!!!

November 2010

Marine Corps Ball

Family Celebration

December 2010

Celebrating the Holiday together

Family Pictures!

So that was our 2010! Hope everyone had a great 2010 and is ready for an even better 2011!!
JMS - still so incredibly proud of you and love you sooo much!!!

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