Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can you Believe it...

So yep... 2 posts in one day. Can you believe it? haha. I have been posting a lot lately. I feel like I am finally getting back into this blogging thing. Go me. I need to add more picutres... and I will work on that. I am slowly but surely making this blog better.

So today I realized I was posting a lot of picutres.. but not really updating y'all on life. So I figured lets do a 10 on Thursday. So here goes.

1. Bentley apparently has allergies. So much so that our only solution is either he lives in a cone collar or he gets allergy shots. We went with the allergy shots. So far so good. We have been cone free for almost 24 hours. This is a big accomplishment for Bentley.

2. Abercrombie does not hold merchandise. Even if you are on your way. They also do not allow you to pay for an item over the phone. I can't help but think this is bad for business. I did though get my coat I wanted.

3. If you are going to leave a job it would be awesome if you gave notice. It would be even more awesome if you didn't leave your stuff all confusing. Good times for me cleaning that stuff up.

4. Jack and I decided to get passports. Now where we will go to use them... who knows. But at least we will have them.

5. Everyone has been making new years resolutions... I kind of forgot to do them. So no new years resolutions for us... just getting through another year as happy as we can.

6. I am planning my next 2 tattoos. I may or may not be slightly addictted.

7. Jack got a motorcycle. I am excited to be able to ride it. Should be fun.

8. All the season premieres are coming this week and next. My dvr is working overtime. Not sure what I would do without it. I never watch a show when it is actually on.

9. I need a day with my bff Dawn. I just do. Its one of those things.

10. Sometimes the news you want most you hear from everyone else first. I am trying not to get discouraged... but it is hard. In time it will be my turn....hopefully.

Okay... so thats it.
Hope everyone has a great day!

JMS - ilu


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