Sunday, October 31, 2010


So I realize that I don't always take the time to write actual posts. I guess that happens when things are crazy busy. But that really isn't an excuse. I mean I started something I should follow through. That being said I actually have something to write about. Woo Hoo. Go me.

So a few weeks ago I was asked by a friend to do something. This friend is a close friend and I probably would have said yes regardless of what the thing was. But what she asked me to do made me feel so honored and blessed that I couldn't help but tear up a bit. See my friend Morgan is converting to Catholicism and she asked me to be her sponsor. I cried.
Having gone through the conversion process myself, I know what an honor it is to be someone's sponsor. Not knowing all the reasons I have been mad at God lately, Morgan could not have even begun to know why this was exactly what I needed.

Guess I should elaborate. I have been pretty mad at God lately. Some things have happened in my life that although I know God has a plan, I am still angry and hurt about it. My neice passed away and then not soon after that Jack and I suffered a loss that I am not sure I want to talk about. I just know that Nicki probably needed a friend, and she got one. It made me really angry and drew me away from going to mass because I couldn't possibly be happy. Usually mass focuses me and makes me happy. For a bit of time, I wasn't happy, not in the least.

So when Morgan asked me, I said yes. I did so because it was for her. I went to the first meeting and I have to say I am beyond excited about the things that I will be able to do and help guide her through. It will be a way for me to reconnect with my faith and to help as Morgan connects with hers. Just one meeting of the sponsors and I am starting to feel peace. Its a good thing. I am happy.

I will write about this more as it happens. I am really excited about it.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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