Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I wonder

So Jack and I are sitting here watching American Idol and it made me start to think. I mean I wonder if people actually think they are talented. Clearly some people can not sing. But that being said I have to give them credit for their guts. I would never be able to get up in front of people and do that. So they have that on me.

But this did cause me to want to write an I wonder post...


I wonder... if some people don't have mirrors in their house. Clearly they would not leave the house looking like that if they could see before hand

I wonder... why it is that if someone puts their turn signal on (which is a miracle in itself) they feel that it gives them the right to go ahead and cut me off. Just cause you put your turn signal doesn't mean you can just come in the lane, there needs to be an opening. Clearly I missed that memo.

I wonder ... why I never get the memo to dress like a hoe when going to the mall. I always miss that one.

I wonder .. why people will try and get the closest parking spot ever at the grocery store and then fill their carts with junk food. Wouldn't you want to work off some of those calories. Just a suggestion.

I wonder.. why people call us after 9pm. Don't they know that Jack and I are old people and are rarely awake past 9:15.

I wonder... why things don't open early, like stores and what not. I mean I am up at 6 am why isn't everyone else.

I wonder... why people feel the need to ask people completely inappropriate questions. I mean often times after finding out what Jack does for a living, people feel the need to ask me the most assine questions. Really? Is that appropriate?

So yeah... I wonder sometimes... okay a lot of times. And wow I blogged two nights in a row! Go Me! haha. I am trying to get better at this. Although I am sure not to many people read this, I will keep blogging. Hopefully more readers will come soon. I know I have at least 2, my mom and my husband. haha. I sound like a geek.

Anyway hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!!

jms - ilu soooo much. and banger, the man and beaver too!


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Colleen said...

I read! Not as often as I would like, but I do! And this post had me rolling! So funny