Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting So Close Now

So I am slacking on posting pictures of the day... I know I stink.
So here I am updating the pictures...
Day 223 - August 17th
I thought it was cool

Day 224 - August 18th
my pillow I snuggle with

Day 225 - August 19th
Jack's new shoes came

Day 226 - August 20th
stuff to make signs!!! yeah!!!

Day 227 - August 21st
Kobe and Wallace's sign for Daddy

Day 228 - August 22nd
Move In Day!
stuff collecting in the living room

Coming up the stairs...

The empty bathroom

our bedroom in progress

the kitchen

Day 229 - August 23rd
The living room all done

Day 230 - August 24th
the kitchen all done

dining area

Day 231 - August 25th
the bedroom all done...
our closet

bed all made up

Day 232 - August 26th
bathroom all situated

Day 233 - August 27th
Jaden came to visit! And he brought toys. hehe

Look how big.... he has 6 teeth already!!

Day 234 - August 28th
The 2nd foot locker came!!

So I am all caught up and have internet again! yeah for that! haha
Anyways I am going to try to keep this updated more regularly ( I know I say that all the time). But I want Jack to be able to see it.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
JMS - I love you and I miss you. Getting so close now. Stay safe my heart!!

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