Sunday, August 16, 2009

catching up

Needed to catch up on the pictures of the day. So here they are. Jack definitely wanted to see them... so here we are... 88% done with this deployment.

July 26th - Day 201
lazy Kobe

July 27th - Day 202
Seneca is hiding..hahaha

July 28th - Day 203
Sleepy Nuttie... stealing the bed

July 29th - Day 204
me being a goof....

July 30th - Day 205
update on the hearts

July 31st - Day 206
decorating the last box to send to Jack!!!

August 1st - Day 207
sleeping in his t-shirt

August 2nd - Day 208
Happy Birthday Miss Seneca

August 3rd - Day 209
back to work

August 4th - Day 210
Snoopy waiting at the door for Jack to come home....hehe

August 5th - Day 211
Nuttie and Seneca snuggling

August 6th - Day 212
Scrappy being all pretty

August 7th - Day 213
emailing my monkey

August 8th - Day 214
Peanut being all sweet

August 9th -Day 215
Scooby being lazy

August 10th - Day 216
working from home....

August 11th - Day 217
before picture for my hair

August 12th - Day 218
Got my hair done!

August 13th - Day 219
working from home some more

August 14th - Day 220
being a goof ball...haha

August 15th - Day 221
Kobe.. the man...hehe

August 16th - Day 222
another update on the hearts

Finally updated all the pictures hehe. Jack kept asking for them.. haha
JMS - I love you and miss you!!!


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