Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spectacular Sundays....

So I decided to do a 10 on Sunday.... woah look at me being a rebel. haha. Its mostly because I slacked majorly on blogging lately so I am making up for it slightly.

Here goes

1. PetSmart is amazing. Enough said there. They clipped my dogs nails, cleaned his ears and brushed his teeth. Now Bentley is back to being a Diva again. haha

2. I am not sure why people feel the need to fool around in the dressing rooms at the mall. I mean I told you only 1 person per room, but y'all wanted to go in and do your thing... whatever... I mean you are just going to kicked out of the store... but thats all on you.

3. I call our SUV a truck. People tell me I can't because it is a BMW, but to me it is a truck.

4. My husband and I need sun. Badly. We are way to pale right now. Therefore next Sunday.... beach time.

5. Some friends just know when you need a smile. I have a friend that does that and I don't know that he realizes it. So thanks Ryan. Your goofiness is much appreciated.

6. Its important to take things day by day. If you can't change things, just get through each day. Things will get better. (the person this is directed to will know it when they read it...hopefully)

7. I bought the cutest shoes ever last week. They made me happy just to wear them. I have an addiction. haha

8. My husband is crazy. He is trying hard to scare the dog, who is just trying to nap. Apparently he finds this entertaining.

9. Boston Market = awesome. We the other night and it had been awhile. It was yummy.

10. I am surprised that my cats have not ran away when they had the chance. If I had to live with the dog attacking me all the time and Jack constantly disturbing naps.. I would be out. just saying.

So yeah... my 10 random thoughts for the day.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Jms- ilu... you make me proud.


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