Monday, February 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.. a day early

So here is the weekly update on our lives. I feel like having a goal to post at least every Tuesday will keep me posting.

So here goes....

1. Work is stressful, if it wasn't then it wouldn't be work. The craziness has to subside at one point, hopefully.

2. My dog knows his name... but can't quite get the concept of not chewing on the furniture. We are working on that.

3. Speaking of animals, apparently my cats love the kennel. They will go in there at every oppurtunity and of course Bentley will complain about it, even though he doesn't want to be in the kennel. He is spoiled.

4. This weekend was the first weekend since Jack got home apart that we slept apart. I never knew it would be that hard. Yep, I definitely slept on the couch.

5. My new Ugg boots are beyond adorable. Some people loved them, some didn't. But I love them, so thats all that matters.

6. We are getting closer and closer to orders and I am realizing how much work we will need to do. I need to make lists. I like making lists.

7. My husband spoils me, and I am okay with that. I am a very very lucky woman.

8. DVR is amazing. End of story.

9. Subway's customer apprecation weekend, where subs are all buy one get one free, always seems to coincide with drill weekend. Awesome for me.

10. Apparently people in FL can not drive. Today on the drive home I passed 3 diferent accidents. It made me pray a bit because the one of the accidents was not so good.

So yeah that's my Ten on Tuesday , a day early. haha. Hope everyone has a great week.

JMS - ILU and Bentley and Seneca and Kobe too.


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Colleen said...

I <3 that you actually can count to 10 this time lol.

And the lists! The lists make me think of Barb. And I can't wait for you to move closer. And maybe I'll be stationed somewhere near you, and then I can actually see you! That would be optimal