Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I have been somewhat MIA for a bit. I have a good reason.

MY HERO IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep! Yep! We are done with this crazy deployment. So happy about that. So now the pictures aren't while you were gone... but more so... while you are here. Yeah!!

I do have pictures from homecoming... and then the pictures won't be everyday but maybe every few days. We have been busy, just getting back to normal. And it has been amazing. I can not tell you how awesome it is having him home. I love that I can sit here and get his input as I post.

The plan for his time home is to enjoy each other and to hopefully add a little one to the family. We shall see. The trying to conceive tribulations will most likely be the talk of this blog for a bit.

Anyway... on to the pictures... Oh and we were on the news!! woo hoo!! Google Orlando Marines Return home... I think it was Wesh 2... anyway.. thats us!!

I really don't know how to flip them... so yeah... turn your head...haha

Here they are.... love him

Love him!!!!

My Hero!!

Yep... True Story

Back to snuggling!! love it!!
So yeah...happy as happy can be. My monkey is here and I am all good.
Hope everyone is doing well. Look for posts to be weekly for awhile.
JMS - I don't have to miss you anymore... love that so much. My smiles are huge... cause of you!!! Love you!!!

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