Friday, July 17, 2009

Halfway through July.....yeah...

Jack has pointed out to me that I need to update the pictures of the day more frequently. He enjoys them... so here is the update!

So the donut of misery says 76% done! Woo Hoo! According to the donut it says " Hello Mayor!"
Now I am not entirely sure of what that means, but whatever.

July 7th - Day 182
Kobe and Henry and Seneca

July 8th - Day 183
Peanut and Me

July 9th - Day 184
Peanut and Kobe snuggling

July 10th - Day 185
swimming puppy

July 11th - Day 186
Just me... for my monkey

July 12th - Day 187
Happy Birthday Miss Madisyn!!

July 13th - Day 188
Peanut dreaming of outside.... not going after the last escape attempt.

July 14th - Day 189

July 15th - Day 190
New collars for the babies

July 16th - Day 191
Homecoming sign came!!!!


July 17th - Day 192
Miss Aubrie and her pretty mommy

And one of me
We are really counting down on the deployment now. I am beyond excited.
Hope everyone has a great week!!
JMS - I love you. Under 2 months... Can't wait!!

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